The beautiful town of Dharamsala is located in the Kangra valley, Himachal Pradesh. It’s hard be believe that such a serene and picturesque locality arose from the devastation left by a massive earthquake in 1905. From the lush green valleys to the bubbling streams, the towering monasteries, the slate-roofed houses and the beautiful Kangra paintings, Dharamsala’s culture and tradition are mesmerising. The town is characterized by distinctive local costume and cuisine and, as home to prominent government offices, it also serves as the district headquarters. This year’s venue, the Shaheed Smarak (war memorial) marks the entrance to Dharamsala town. Built to commemorate soldiers who have fallen on India’s post-independence battle fronts, the memorial and park features a network of paths, beautiful gardens and a pine trail.

Reaching the Shaheed Smarak

From Dharamsala bus stand, exit right on to the Dharamsala-Kangra road and get down at the Education Board bus stop. The Shaheed Smarak is 500m away from the stop, opposite HPCA Stadium road.

saheed smarak

Parking Information

The nearest parking is on Chilgari Road.