Proud to be a ‪TEDxer‬…for the 2nd time

My experience as a #TEDxer started with ‪#‎TEDxDharamsala‬ 2013. As a newbie, the ‪#‎TEDx‬ world seems exciting, beautiful and challenging at the same time.

I absolutely love the “‪#‎interaction‬” aspect of the movement. Speaking to so many people in diverse backgrounds makes me a more complete human being.
For the 2013 event, we started preparations 3 months before, by having regular Skype meetings and brainstorming sessions. Execution started 2 weeks before the Event. I tried to enjoy myself as much, but with the enjoyment there were real pains. Event execution is no simple task and requires tremendous mental and physical effort.
Real execution requires an agile mind and a fit body. One also needs tremendous People skills.
My golden formula like most of my Indian friends is ” ‪#‎jugaad‬ ” – but I never advise others to follow this.
I hope to make the 2015 Event the best. It should be a Project Manager’s delight from planning to execution. This is the real test of my skills.
I love the challenge and beauty of the #TEDx movement – I am proud to be a #TEDxer.