On The Grounds of TEDX !

Having heard about #TED talks earlier, i was always curious and interested in opening up to new ideas to choose the road less travelled !

Now being a part of the #TEDX team, i feel grateful to have this opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and learn from each individual’s journey and listen to their inspirational stories.

On this platform, i find well expressed ” freedom of speech ” of any great idea or thoughts that change the perceptional dimensions .

So far i have been introduced to multilevel backgrounds, associated with various procedures and efforts that go into shaping a strong team and a community of passionate #TEDXers. Also looked at a totally different style of organizing a group of skillful resources which apparently turned to fruit out an awesome colorful picture !

To me, it was seriously an amazing one night challenge when i was assigned to bring out an introduction video for TEDXDharamsala 2015 and we really didn’t have much time to focus and experiment with quiet many options. Of course it all could only happen with the support of other team members and everyone’s mutual efforts put into bringing out the video.

Furthermore, i am just eager to be a part of even more bigger challenge and visually enjoy the momentum of the main event on 18th April 2015.