ImagineX space of infinite possibilities!

I am a newbie volunteer #TEDxDharamsala. I would like to define my purpose of being here as to be a part of something that aims to make sense.
I think Dharamshala, or Himachal Pradesh altogether, has an amazing potential for events such as #TEDx, with the amalgam of culture that we get to live in brought by people from all over the globe, and the deep rooted, welcoming culture of the place itself.
Talk about potential, and our theme for this year is quite on the same wavelength: ImagineX
When I think about it, I see an endless space, with infinite possibilities. I see a world where there is a solution to every problem.
I see that we aren’t just living, but making sense out of our living.
Because, boundaries don’t exist in reality.
With that spirit, the team anticipates TedxDharamsala 2015.
Hope to see you there!