• A Cliffhanger Tale of TEDxDharamsala

    Right from nurturing an “idea” to a fully grown tree of “imaginations”, the journey has taught every single TEDx-er about what it takes to build and develop a platform like #TEDx for the people to dive into an ocean of ideas and knowledge ! Unlike the cities, in places like Dharamsala, it is definitely a

  • 10 things about TEDx that you should know

    (1) Lets you meet new, interesting and passionate people. (2)  A platform to share your ideas. (3) Awareness about different fields and events from all over the world. (4) Wholly based on knowledge sharing. (5) Unmatched positivity (6) A platform for mixture of different communities, age groups, religion and ’PEOPLE’. (7) Open space for new ideas (8)  Makes you think and re-evaluate

  • Local ‪TEDxer‬ talking to local’s

    Its not the strongest of the species that survive or the most intelligent but in the bivouac of life heroic are those who are responsive to evolution. ‪#‎TEDXDharamshala‬ provides an opportunity for change and undoubtedly change leads to growth. It is a hint of fresh air and imparts platform to the youth to stand out

  • Hitting the right spot!

    The best thing about working with teams like ‪#‎TEDxDharamsala‬ is you get hits from everywhere, a hit you need to know all those things you have been doing wrong so far, a hit to face your own fear for not challenging yourself, a hit to remove all wrong ‪#‎perceptions‬ you created in your mind. This

  • Proud to be a ‪TEDxer‬…for the 2nd time

    My experience as a #TEDxer started with ‪#‎TEDxDharamsala‬ 2013. As a newbie, the ‪#‎TEDx‬ world seems exciting, beautiful and challenging at the same time. I absolutely love the “‪#‎interaction‬” aspect of the movement. Speaking to so many people in diverse backgrounds makes me a more complete human being. For the 2013 event, we started preparations

  • ImagineX space of infinite possibilities!

    I am a newbie volunteer #TEDxDharamsala. I would like to define my purpose of being here as to be a part of something that aims to make sense. I think Dharamshala, or Himachal Pradesh altogether, has an amazing potential for events such as #TEDx, with the amalgam of culture that we get to live in

  • On The Grounds of TEDX !

    Having heard about #TED talks earlier, i was always curious and interested in opening up to new ideas to choose the road less travelled ! Now being a part of the #TEDX team, i feel grateful to have this opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and learn from each individual’s journey and listen to