About theme for this year

Since its inception in 2012, #TEDxDharamsala has promoted innovative and stimulating thought amongst the diverse communities who dwell in the shadow of the Dhauladhar range.

The first event, #Reconnect to Roots, showcased Professor NK Singh’s discoveries at Masroor rock-cut temple, alongside the passionate utterings of Tibetan activist Tenzin Tsundue.

2013’s theme shifted to #Redefine, and included Kulbhushan Upamanyu’s words of wisdom on shifting the direction of development in the Himalayas, Didi Contractor’s speech on the melding of traditional mud-house architecture with contemporary, environmentally friendly construction techniques, and Sandhya Gupta advocating  a change of focus in primary education, from teaching to learning.

This year, under the banner #Imagine X, TEDxDharamsala looks to the future, with speakers exploring personal, social and institutional evolution: Ideas that can be transformed into actions; actions that produce positive change.

#X-amine. #X-plore. #X-plain. #Imagine X!