A Cliffhanger Tale of TEDxDharamsala

Team TEDxDharamsala

Right from nurturing an “idea” to a fully grown tree of “imaginations”, the journey has taught every single TEDx-er about what it takes to build and develop a platform like #TEDx for the people to dive into an ocean of ideas and knowledge !

Unlike the cities, in places like Dharamsala, it is definitely a challenging game to organize a #TED event while strictly maintaining the ethics and also keeping it professional at the same time. Identifying the potential among the young minds from different backgrounds and professional profiles,#TEDxDharamsala has gathered, trained, curated and progressively evolved out to handle and overcome many levels of uncertainties.

Every TEDx-er being dedicatedly involved and actively contributed to face the challenges by understanding the depth of painstaking tasks, earned an opportunity to seek and learn the secrets of professional work flow.

Looking deep into what exactly it takes to organize an event like #TEDxDharamsala, every single element like the Theme, Content, Web base, Design, Marketing, Sponsorship, Venue selection, Technical setup, Speakers and Audience curation, management, etc. are really important and crucial to achieve successful performance.

After many months of hidden hard work and preparations on every single aspect , the visual picture of #TEDxDharamsala 2015 has taken shape and identity through the support of local resources and also strong networking.

And finally when the day of the main event arrived, it was very important for every TEDx-er, volunteer, and all other people behind the scene to maintain the adrenaline rush to perfectly frame and resolve all the chaotic glitches to get the dais ready for the amazing speakers and performers to bring out their ideas,for the show to ignite the curious audience, and cameras to roll so as to share the experience and reach out greater audience !