The world today is in the grip of fast emerging changes where the very basics of how things work across realms are being challenged. Supported by the immensity of human ambition and potency of the knowledge firepower gathered, each step forward can be a step towards a point of no return. In these times of change, it becomes essential to redefine the set norms and be mindful that no development is attained at the cost of sustenance

8th Sept2013
14:15PM - 17:00PM

Zila Parishad Hall-Kachehri


  • 14:15Registration
  • 15:00OpeningArvin, TEDx Himachal
  • 17:00ClosingTEDx Dharamshala team

How to get to the Venue

Zila Parishad Hall, 120m from Kachehri Bus Stop

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